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New Call of Duty has a “massive scale.”

A few minutes ago, Activision C.E.O. in an investor call said that the new Call of Duty has a massive scale, and is deemed as a universe:

“The creative excellence and sheer scale of the game we are making, and the unprecedented online universe that will accompany it will re-set the bar for this genre, giving players a new level of emersion, connectivity, community and of course epic action. The game to date has exceeded every internal milestone and we look forward to showing it to sharing it with you soon.”

He reminds investors that Call of Duty is a franchise that COD is a huge franchise:

“By any measure, Call of Duty is one of the biggest entertainment franchises in the world and we expect this year’s game will set a new standard in the franchise.”

The new Activision Chief Executive Officer Eric Hirshberg said that he is pouring the investment into Call of Duty to “take the experience to an entirely new level.”

We still don’t know what the name of the game is going to be. There are rumors and speculation that the game may be called Project Colossus. [MW3Blog article]

‘Till then, we wait.