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May 2011 reveals Modern Warfare 3?

As I have reported before, there’s was supposed to be a huge reveal, but April came and went. There was a lot of speculation as to why, and “what’s next?” Battlefield 3 is taking over the video game industry by storm via gameplay reveals through online videos. Then out of nowhere, EA advertises the game on a basketball game – that’s supposed to be Activision’s tactic.

Activision has been mum about any new Call of Duty games at all this year, aside from two map packs that came out for Black Ops. The first map pack is called First Strike, and the second one is called Escalation. Some people were understanding of the delay, because Activision wants to give both map packs all the marketing resources, and focus on Black Ops’ two map packs. Others are waiting, and growing more and more impatient.

Now, we’re getting conflicting reports of either “Call of Duty Online,” or Modern Warfare 3. We have known that a Call of Duty MMO was in the works for quite some time; one source dates back to 2008. [Here’s a 2009 source] A website seems to have confirmation that COD Online exists and is slated for an announcement. [source] Mutiple sources are saying that the game will ship in 2012. As for Modern Warfare 3, several sources are saying MW3 is about to be revealed soon, as in today or tomorrow. [source] Earlier this week though, a very well-known voice actor in COD4 and MW2 (voice for Gaz and Ghost respectively) said an announcement for Modern Warfare 3 is coming this month. [source, here’s a better translation on a forum post at MW3Forum]

Here’s a new update: It has been confirmed that we’re going to be seeing a reveal of Modern Warfare 3 very soon. Official PlayStation Magazine hinted at a huge MW3 reveal, which you can see to the right. If you want to inspect the image in better resolution, head over to the source. Just remember, by the time you read next month’s issue of OPM, E32011 will already have been on-going, and we’ll know more information about MW3 there.