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Call of Duty Announcement Imminent

Its been quite a long time since we last heard of news surrounding Modern Warfare 3. An Activision representative tweeted on his twitter, that an announcement for Call of Duty was coming. We do know that a Black Ops: Escalation trailer was released, so April 27th marks the day that we get some info surrounding Modern Warfare 3 or at least a trailer. However, keep in mind, that last year, Black Ops was revealed at the end of the month [April 30th] as I have reported before. Activision’s rival, Electronic Arts got a head start this year when they aired gameplay footage online, and during a basketball game for Battlefield 3, but I don’t think Activision is deterred at all.

So, with all this in mind Gamertag Radio confirms exactly what I am saying: April 27th is a big day for players that have been anticipating a new Modern Warfare game.

Until then, the waiting continues.