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Activision shows off First Strike

Its been a month since First Strike has been revealed to the general public. In that time, PS3 got the First Strike “Content Pack.” Following that, PC users got First Strike, too. So, right now, everyone has Black Ops First Strike.

I would like to show the videos they released to the public in that time:

Ancension is a map that pits you inside a Russian asylum of sorts. Its basically a monkey test lab where they test their perfection, or send them to the outer space. Billed as the “authentic Russian Cosmonaut Monkey Zombies.” Enjoy:

Secondly, there’s also Berlin Wall. Treyarch released a music video for Berlin Wall, kind of odd for a first person shooter trailer ….I think. In any case, Berlin Wall puts you in Berlin’s battlefield, with buildings and whatnot. Enjoy:

Have you bought First Strike yet?