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Black Ops’ first Map Pack revealed: First Strike

Call of Duty keeps getting bigger, bigger, and bigger. In 2009, Modern Warfare 2 garnered 550 million dollars in sales – taking the throne for the best selling video game of all time from Gran Theft Auto IV. This is merely just in one week. Well, in 2010, Activision outdone themselves by racking up 650 million dollars in just a week, barely even a week.

Activision and Microsoft made a deal in June. This contract between the two parties means that from Modern Warfare 2’s Map Packs on, the DLC’s that Activision develops are entirely time-exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform. This means that for exactly one month, any DLC that Activision releases is exclusive to Microsoft’s green console.

Black Ops’ first Map Pack dubbed “First Strike” actually the third Map Pack to release under the agreement between Microsoft and Activision. Treyarch, the subsidiary of Acivision released a trailer talking about the Map Pack:

Treyarch released, yet another trailer, but only showing off the maps themselves, and some gameplay footage using the maps. It shows off some new gameplay mechanics:

With only a day away from release (tomorrow is Feb 1st), a user managed to get their hands on First Strike, and showed off the Zombie map called “Ascension.”

It will cost you 1200 or $15. What you get in this “Content Pack” is 4 Multiplayer Maps, and one co-op map for the Zombie mode in Black Ops. Treyarch says that the DLC is more than just a map pack.