New Studio, New Game

God of War 3 and similar games have been making quite a big splash as of late. Mythology have garnered a lot of attention due to these games. One team is very passionate about mythology, that they’re ready to release a console game that garners the many religions, the many deities across many of the historical mythologies. Meet Steel Toe Productions which is a collection of game developers with previous portfolio at the world’s biggest game companies:

Rockstar – Wholly owned by Take Two Inc, these are the talented minds that brought you the legendary Grand Theft Auto series of games.

Blizzard – Merged with Call of Duty publisher Activision Inc in 2008, they developed the cult classics Warcraft, and Diablo.

Electronic Arts – The world’s biggest publisher in the video game industry. They make almost every single one of your sports games that you buy. On October 12th, Medal of Honor is set to compete head to head with the Call of Duty brand.

Interplay – The licensing kings in the gaming industry as of right now. Their recent license for Earthworm Jim HD had an incredible following.

And finally, and not the least:

Midway – Acquired by Warner Bros. during a bankruptcy sale last year. These are the creators and developers of the largely popular Mortal Kombat franchise.

Steel Toe Productions is formerly known as Classified Studio Productions. The team set out to educate people about beliefs of the deities across the mythology culture, albeit indirectly. They state in their bid for funding from KickStarter members that “We have a master plan for a game so fun that players will never realize they are being educated on and standing in the shoes of cultures from the well known.”

Steel Toe Productions plan to travel the many locals of the many cultures that spanned across many mythologies. They include Egypt, Greece, the Czech Republic, and some selection of the Aztec ruins. This is so that they could acquire better depiction of characters and stages through their travels. They advertise an attention to detail.

I understand that Battle of the Gods comes off as a religious game, but Steel Toe Productions wants to create a revolutionary video game concept: ‘creating the first truly socially relevant video game’. Mythology is relevant right now, seeing that people still believe in the apocalypse. To alleviate this the company has a well-intended emphasis on what I like to call “No Bias, No Favoritism.” As the game gathers all the figureheads of the many religious cultures. Jesus, Zeus, Ra, Anubis, and Ares just to name a few. Who wouldn’t want to see a battle between Zeus and Jesus!? The epic battle between Anubis, and The Grim Reaper!?

Yes, the game is a fighting game, pitting god against god. Midway almost tried this same concept. Not once, but twice. I think that Midway’s timing was worse off at the time of the release of both Mortal Kombat, and War Gods. Releasing it today is PERFECT timing since Mythology in general has risen in popularity.

Battle of the Gods is entirely 3D, but is piloted on a 2D plane. Each character will have variety of spells, and special powers. The company plans to make the game both violent and humorous – traits that made Mortal Kombat an international icon.

However, the company needs venture capital [ahem, money] from investors. They’re also looking for a publisher for the game. So, they’ve created a trailer which can be found on their project page on KickStarter. The company’s website is here. The teaser website for Battle of the Gods is here. To learn more about the history of both the company, and the game, its here.

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