Capcom readying Hack n’ Slash.

Capcom announced at their TGS2010 press conference that they’re at work on an action hack n’ slash game called Asura’s Wrath. Coming to both Xbox 360, and PS3, it is an action title that recounts a deity named Asura who is angry at the gods. Yes, this is a mythology-related game. Upon a little more research, I have found that the mythology that they are touching base on is the hindu mythology. Many people are billing the game as a title inspired by the God of War series. The problem arises in the character’s arm; its bionic. Anyhow, the story is scarce, but we do know that Asura is one angry god feeling betrayed by the gods. Enjoy the trailer:

The trailer’s awesome, eh? I say it is. I’ve never seen a game that actually depicts a god in their full form; a god that pushes its finger onto earth. The closest thing to it, would be the boss battles with the Titans in God of War 3.