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The Gameplay Reveal of Mega Man Universe!

Its been a while since I posted the teaser trailer for Mega Man Universe. Shortly thereafter, I speculated about what Mega Man Universe might be. I said the game may be a 2D/3D game, with LBP-esque customization. It seems I was correct in my hypothesis that the game is indeed a 2D/3D game. See for yourself:

So far, I don’t see any camera pans as seen in the single player Mega Man 2.5D trailer. But the premise of 2D/3D is still there. The graphics seem really sharp, and vivid, vibrant. However, people are calling the trailer “boring.” Okay, so let me get this straight; you’ve been playing Mega Man for close to 20 years and now you’re complaining about how boring the game looks? Huh? Que? What the #%@&? When MM9 and 10 were revealed, you guy rejoiced, but not the case for Mega Man Universe? What the hell is going on here?

I can tolerate the character models for the main characters so far – I even think the art direction for the characters is good. Nothing too cute, nothing too big, and its the perfect medium. I like the level designs so far, too. I absolutely love the loading screen music – Hell, I think the loading screen’s design was a work of a genius, too! Speaking of art direction, South Korea is getting Rockman Online, and they have the most beautiful Mega Man trailer yet. See for yourself:

Too bad that thing is exclusive to South Korea. Damn, why do other countries get all the good stuff!?

We’ll know more about Mega Man Universe as the release date draws near.

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