New Black Ops Multiplayer Trailer!

Call of Duty: Black Ops has been building up more, and more hype, which in turn creating more talk, more speculation. Recently, Treyarch teased about a huge multiplayer reveal. Yesterday, Sept 1st came and gone. What we DIDN’T know, was that the reveal was going to be from a press-only premiere event. I’ve seen some impressions already, so there should be a lot of information to look up. For now, you can check out the full multiplayer reveal:

Here’s what I noticed in the trailer:

First, the game modes are:

One in the chamber: Everyone in the lobby begins the match with a pistol. Each player has 3 lives. You kill someone, you gain a bullet in your pistol.

Sticks and stones: Everyone starts with ballistic knives, and a crossbow. You also have a tomahawk. If you kill someone with a tomahawk, they’re bankrupt. I’m guessing they lose the two weapons – and rely on picking up a weapon elsewhere.

Gun Game: I think this is an Old School match with a twist; you begin the match with a randomly selected gun. Every person in the lobby has the same randomly selected gun. The catch is, if you die, you lose both a level, and a gun you had in your disposal. However, if you kill someone, you gain a better weapon than you previously had.

Treyarch is dead serious about customization which is what you’ll be seeing from here on out; Treyarch is making the tagline “Compete, Customize and Create” as the slogan for the mulitplayer portion of Black Ops. One of the major changes is the fact that your XP is now known as the “Call of Duty Points.” They’re “money” in the COD world. This means, that every kill that used to net you XP is now seen as a bartering service. You can buy weapons, and equipments with CP. This means, if you buy a weapon or equipment, you’re going to have to regain that amount of CP to continue onto leveling up to the next level or prestige.

Create a Class: There’s a brand new create a class menu; every time you change perks, you change your character’s appearance. The changes are determined by tier 1 perks. If you equip the Flak Jacket perk, you get an armored appearance.

Controls Altered: Treyarch altered the controller setup a bit; the right thumper will activate lethal stuff. While the left thumper will activate any tactical equipment/weapons. There’s a new category for equipment; deployable weapons.

Diving: If you sprint and go prone at the same time, you will dive into the ground.

Highest KillStreak is 11 – Cue the #%@&ing facepalm. Here’s to hoping the killstreaks aren’t customizable as MW2 was.

No Stopping Power. Epic Fail. There’s no countering Flak Jacket users.

Custom Red Dots – Smiley-Holo is just one of the customizable Red Dots for your weapons.

The KillStreaks are:

– RC-XD – A remote controlled car that also explodes.
– Sam Turret – It looks like a turret designed to counter-attack killstreak helicopters/gunships.
– Grim Reaper – A rocket launcher that explodes at the player or surrounding objects.
– GunShips – Take control of a gunship. You’re the pilot.

Perks and Camos are unlocked via “Call of Duty Credits.” Not sure if it is the same thing as the CP’s mentioned earlier.

What do you think? Awesome? Crazy? Are you excited? We’ll have more in the coming months as we approach the Nov 9 launch date for the game.

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