PlayStation 4 revealed? Or a misleading viral video?

PlayStation 4 BG
One of Sony's PlayStation 4 Backgrounds

I’ve seen a lot of viral videos. But I’ve never actually seen one that relates to video games, let alone, a game console or accessory. PlayStation Move was a peripheral that Sony only recently announced, and Sony also implemented a 3D technology [via a firmware update to PS3] – all this seems to have a shift in the game industry, but Sony seems to go another mile. This time, Sony teases not only a 3D technology, possibly announced at E32010. It also strongly teased a new PlayStation product, or even more so, PS4. This is the first acknowledgment of it’s existence. Will it be at E32010?

Without further ado:

Few things:

– The TV screen shows the famous PlayStation logo – more notably, the logo seems to use the same exact design as the ‘Home’ button on PS3 – could we have been seeing something that has been staring at our faces the whole time? Which leads me to:
– Have we been holding a prototype controller for PS4 the whole freakin’ time?
– Will we be seeing a new controller for PS4, instead of the standard Dual Shock controller design?

The person in the video seems to be holding a new controller – is it a brand new version of the SixAxis? It uses a gyroscope technology to help emulate movements or moves onscreen, and more technology leaders are using it – apple is using it in Iphone 4. Which by the way is a really scary coincidence because this PS4 viral video game RIGHT at the same day as Steve Jobs unveils Iphone4. Yeah, scary, indeed.

The test screen that reads “PS4 V3.1 – Please Wait A Moment” may also point to the fact that this video may also play as a joke – because the version that’s used for the test screen seem to concide with the recently released PS3 firmware version 3.30. And that we’re going to see a firmware update? An update that includes PlayStation Move’s compatibility? Its been leaked that PlayStation Move is slated to release next month in July. When its been stated that it’ll releaase in the fall.