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Sony: It only does great brands!

Kratos is about to launch into store shelves next Tuesday when God of War 3 explodes. In a blog post by Sony Computer Entertainment America, sony talked a little about what has been going on with God of War 3, they also released a trailer to show off God of War 3’s commercial. The marketing for the game is very intense as they do more to make the game noticeable to people:

711 Slurpee cups branded by God of War 3? Check.
A God of War 3 branded NASCAR vehicle? Check.
A commercial highlighting all the glowing accolades? Check:

Sony put out some interesting “It only does everything!” Campaign during the last 6 months, in their new “Dear Playstation” series of ads. Kevin Butler continues to amaze people and make people laugh with these “Dear Playstation” segments. And he continues to do so while attacking the “I loathe my boyfriend for playing video games and ignoring me” audience.

God of war 3 is on store shelves on March 16th. For a preview of the game, click here.