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Metro 2033 has a HUD-less trailer!

Ukraine developer 4A Games is set to release a first person shooter that is highly action-oriented, based on the novel by the same name, Metro 2033. The game combines action, survival horror, and RPG in a unique lookin’ game that wants to set itself from the pack. Published by THQ, the game is slated to be released on Xbox 360, and Windows. The visual direction of the game so far is quite unique, the game doesn’t have HUD, but the developers of the game are trying for a realistic approach to the game.

Enjoy the game’s latest trailer:

In war, its either Kill or Be Killed! To learn more about the game, go to the game’s official website here.

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  • March 1, 2010
This is a must own if you are a post-apocalyptic fan. If not, there are a few interesting elements that makes this game interesting such as ammo as cash.