COD4: Carlos racks up 75k kills!

COD4 Remastered
Is COD4: Modern Warfare Remastered incoming?

So, today, I’m excited not just because I’ve gotten to 9th prestige, 75k kills. But I have racked up enough challenges to prove myself. And to top it off…pulling off a hard, but unexpected lineup of a two players, creating a Collateral Damage with my M40A3.

Before & After #6 – COD4 PS3

How’d I pull it off? I was playing on Bog, and some people were being @$$es as usual. Calling the best players “f@g” or “f@gs” because they can’t put up with being shot by a good player. So, I’m getting annoyed by these guys talking smack because they killed me – oh BIG WOOP! I rise above it. I shot a few with my Silenced AK47. Then this guy pissed me off with a comment that threw me off “haha! Carlos I got you!” like a kid. Seriously dude? Okay, I get out my M40A3 and laid prone on the other side of the map where he keeps “sneaking around” in. I pointed my gun at the door, the entrance from kitchen to the alleyway where all the trash containers and fire is enclosed inside the fence – ok so I lay prone there. I quick scoped one player, but I did it again – only this time, Collateral Damage. Yeah baby!

The guy reacted obviously! Hehehe.

And I’m playing with a BROKEN controller! Yeah haters. Broken.

By Carlos Morales

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