New MW2 Sniper, Riot Shield, and Akimbo gameplay!

Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2

I think this is from the same press event, but I can’t be too sure. The video title is a language I’m not familiar with.

This video has a sniper rifle, and it has the heart-sensor on it. He rescued someone, so “Rescuer” is unlocked! And “One Shot Kill” is shown after you shoot one bullet and he dies. I’m not sure what he’s doing at 2:55, I’m assuming he’s readying a part of a weapon or marking the spawn point? Few minutes later, you can see he made a headshot, and gets the accolade. You get points for headshots now! You can make a “Longshot” now and you get points for that, also. Akimbo’s definitely not a perk, you can pick them up. And each akimbo weapon has its own weapon – in this case, you can wield two PP-2000.

And finally, Riot Shield gameplay!

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