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Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2

There was a huge Media event hosted by Infinity Ward. They took off the curtains on Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer to the members of the press. GameTrailers were there to capture some of the gameplay footage.

Capture the Flag Gameplay:

The first thing to notice is that you can detonate the airdrop of your predator missile at the location of your choice. And you have to “open” the box in order to get your missile. From here on out, you can find a place that is not occupied by anyone, and pullout your “laptop” for a missile drop. The second thing to notice is that while you can secure a new flag, you can also kill a defender of the flag, you get a challenge for it – called “Offense.”

Here, once a player gets into two or three player crossfire, an Activision or Infinity Ward representative turned the camera around for some “secret” little info? What the hell? If you don’t mean for the camera to show it, why don’t you leave it out of the beta? Hmm? Geez, talk about interruptions! WE WANT NEW INFO!

Anyway, back to the game, recently, there’s been a leak about akimbo and this video shows what I suggested a while ago. The player is using a one-handed pistol, yet – its the same pistol found in the Akimbo leak. Which confirms pretty much what I suggested – you can pick up akimbo as an option (maybe from a button hold, or by the fact that the pistol has ammo in it), many think that this may be a perk, but the video suggests otherwise. I refer you to the rep turning the camera. Hehe.

Here, you can see that you get points for USING the predator missile, and killing them. Separately. As mentioned before, there’s Buzzkill, in which you kill the person with one kill left to have a nice killstreak. And now, you can Rescue your teammate by killing the person who’s battling them. You get points for rescuing them.

In this video, you can see a Silenced Shotgun! Obviously not for every kind of match, but 200 points will score limit a capture the flag match. The other thing you can see is that there are two new teams: Task Force 141 and Militia. You can gain new titltes, new emblems for your callsigns, now instead of calling each weapon slots as simply “weapon slots” we’re now calling them “weapon classes” and this hints at customizable classes – just like the original game. Your summary screen has been improved to include your gamertag, and your callsigns – however, it also shows a brand new feature: Accolades. The game gives you Accolades based on what you did in the match.

Demolition Gameplay:

Nothing much goin’ on here, other than more gameplay. Which is good. I should mention that Demolition is basically two bombsites, and you’re probably supposed to plant them both AND let the time tinker down to its last second like a typical Sabotage match. You ask me? Sabotage mixed with Domination.

Once again, nothing much going on here…..Just more Modern Warfare! Hehe! You can tell I can’t wait for this freakin’ game!

We know a lot from this video. Headshots now earn you points. There is Time Extention for destroying one part of the Demolition match. If you’re killed a number of times by the same player, you can make a comeback – and that is your bonus!

Editor’s Note: This was written by CarlosX360 (Carlos Morales) and is a copyright of CarlosX360 Co. Ltd.

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