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Leaked Modern Warfare 2 videos from GamesCom

Dual Wielding with Akimbo:
Recently, Robert Bowling said in a tweet about his presentation at a recent GameCrazy convention the crowd went crazy after showing off dual wielding [Details]. Robert Bowling is Infinity Ward’s community manager, so anything that comes out of his mouth is offcial. Everything else is hersay. However, a youtube user was able to grab some proof of Akimbo in MW2 at GamesCom:

Single Player Demostration:

I love the realistic flow and feel of the game especially when they got to the garage door where a few soldiers were standing by with a few words to say. And then the game allows you to move on. The game continues the streamlined, smooth feel in movement and animations. I also am lovin’ the level design.

Special Ops Demostration:
Special Ops was revealed both by Game Informer [Details], and Robert Bowling. It is a mode similar to Mile High Club found in the original Modern Warfare. So far, we’ve only seen images of the mode [Details], until now:

Is there going to be ANY more goddamn gameplay? Well, there’s the first multiplayer video, but Robert Bowling has been teasing about a new multiplayer video the past few weeks now, it was supposed to be released this week, but has been delayed to this upcoming tuesday. More details here.