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Introducing two new Modern Warfare 2 sites!

I’ve been thinking long and hard, trying to figure out what name, or which domain name I should use for the next call of duty website….So, I started to talk to a few people including d3adcell…I couldn’t find answers. I let it go for a while, until recently, FourZeroTwo has been teasing on his twitter, that the official name for COD6 is COD: Modern Warfare 2, fast forward to right now. GDC is ongoing right now, and Activision bought the domain name registrant rights to – I thought to myself “Hm. Hmmmmm….” and started searching the namecheap database for possible names…Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to….. and

Both names are inspired by iEntry’s two tld’s and

And lets not forget the teaser trailer for Modern Warfare 2!