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4 New Guns Coming to Black Ops 3 (MP7, Remington 870…)?

Ali-A has uploaded some Eclipse DLC gameplay footage ahead of the release on Tuesday. With the Rift map Ali-A has come across a little Easter Egg. There is a building in the map with a gun wall inside. Guns on […]


New Type of Supply Drop in Black Ops 3

A new type of supply drop entitled ‘Bribe’ is now available in Black Ops 3 which was made available with a new game settings update. This new supply drop type guarantees a specialist theme/customisation item, increased cryptokeys and increased odds […]


M1 Garand Arrives in New Advanced Warfare Update

Sledgehammer have given this week a little surprise by adding some new content. Advanced Warfare has received a new update on Xbox On, a new weapon. The M1 Garand is now available in supply drops. Users were notified through the […]


For 24 hours (Jan 23rd – 24th) Rare Supply Drops 100 CoD Points

Treyarch have announced on Twitter that for just 24 hours rare supply drops will cost only 100 Call of Duty points – this is 50% off. From Jan 23rd 10 AM PT to Jan 24th 10AM PT. This is only […]


Fastest Way to Earn Supply Drops in Black Ops 3

Learn the fastest way to earn supply drops (Cryptokeys) in Black Ops 3. Thanks to Tmartn for the video: For more Black Ops 3 tips and tricks click here.


Grand Master Appreciation Day – 10 Free Advanced Supply Drops

Rewarding players for their accomplishments is what Call of Duty has been about since Day One, and we couldn’t be prouder of our Grand Master Prestige community in Advanced Warfare. These players exemplify the determination and hard work that the […]


Advanced Warfare – How to Get MORE LEGENDARY Supply Drops

Advanced Warfare – How to Get MORE LEGENDARY Supply Drops! Get Easy ELITE Drops! (AW DROP TIPS). Enjoy the video.