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4 New Guns Coming to Black Ops 3 (MP7, Remington 870…)?

Ali-A has uploaded some Eclipse DLC gameplay footage ahead of the release on Tuesday. With the Rift map Ali-A has come across a little Easter Egg. There is a building in the map with a gun wall inside. Guns on the wall include some current Black Ops 3 guns and some new guns:

  • Hammer – LMG – from Black Ops 2
  • Remington 870 – Shotgun – from Black Ops 2
  • MP7 – Submachine  gun
  • M27 – Assault Rifle

Exciting stuff. It is likely that the guns will make an appearance in Black Ops 3 multiplayer but knowing Activision’s recent strategy these will likely be earned through the black market supply drops. Which I am sure will annoy many players.

Anyways, check out the video for yourself and make your own decision.