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How Backwards Compatibility will work on PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5’s Backwards Compatibility has been a subject of discussion since the “Road to PS5” Conference that was intended for Game Developers Conference (GDC 2020), but due to COVID19, they opted for a livestream. One of the things discussed was […]


Mortal Kombat 11 gets new Kombat Pack, and heads to Next Gen

In August, it was revealed that Mortal Kombat 11 was going to get its first Kombat Pack starting in August. The Kombat Pack started off with 2 characters: Shang Tsung (MK Movie version), and Nightwolf. Terminator T-800 has already been […]


Sony adjusts PlayStation 4 trophies

Sony’s PlayStation division introduced PlayStation Trophies in 2008, a few years after the PlayStation 3 launch. Ever since, there were small incremental changes, and modifications, but never a major overhaul that we’re seeing now with PlayStation 5. Previously, the way […]


August State of Play reveals PS4 and PS5 games

It’s been a while since the last State of Play livestream. That livestream was primarily a gameplay overview for The Last of Us II, which launched to screeching success. Sony had a very successful PlayStation 5 reveal, that made people […]


The Game Awards 2019 brings a shock announcement

Every year, Geoff Keighley hosts a yearly awards show. Geoff founded The Game Awards in 2014, and has been a yearly celebration where gamers, game companies, and the media meet. That’s not all, actors, celebrities, and other stars attend the […]


PlayStation 4 Ships 100 Million units worldwide

Sony has been on a roll this generation with PlayStation 4 selling through 96.8 Million units as last reported in April 2019 via the Sony Business Relations site. This morning, Sony not only updated that same Business Relations site, they’ve […]