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Black Ops 3 Introduces Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) and People are Pissed

Treyarch have appeared to change the matchmaking system for Black Ops 3. Originally lobbies were determined on connection quality and region but Treyarch Dev’s have made some sneaky changes, quietly. Reddit users are reporting that match making is now based on […]


Treyarch set to reveal new game mode for Black Ops 3 on Friday

Treyarch announced via their twitter that during the second #BO3Fridays live stream that they will be announcing a new game mode! What do you think it will be? New #BlackOps3 mode incoming. Tune in on Friday to the #BO3Fridays livestream for the ███ ██ […]


Being a Call of Duty Employee Pays Very Well – Selling LA Home for $1.85 Million

Activision designer Chad Findley is selling his Los Angeles home for a whopping $1.85 million. Employed by Activision for over 20 years Findley has played pivotal roles in popular game series such as Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero and Spiderman. Currently […]