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Being a Call of Duty Employee Pays Very Well – Selling LA Home for $1.85 Million

Activision designer Chad Findley is selling his Los Angeles home for a whopping $1.85 million. Employed by Activision for over 20 years Findley has played pivotal roles in popular game series such as Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero and Spiderman.

Currently employed as the single-player project director for Call of Duty it is safe to say he gets well compensated!

Have a look at some of the photos below of the 2,600+ foot property and let us know what you think. findley-home-la-5 findley-home-la-4 findley-home-la-3 findley-home-la-2 findley-home-la-1 findley-home-la-8 findley-home-la-7