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Nintendo Direct The Super Mario Bros Movie

New Nintendo Direct reveals the Super Mario Bros Movie

In 2018, Nintendo announced their new Super Mario film, and that it would be developed by Illumination, best known for the “Minions” comedy franchise. In a September 2021 Ninendo Direct livestream, Nintendo reiterated that they’d reveal more information on their Super Mario film. That day arrived, on October 4, 2022 – Nintendo announced that there’d be a Nintendo Direct livestream, in addition to the reveal at Comic Con. On October 6, 2022 – Nintendo and Illumination jointly unveiled “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” to the New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2022 event, and revealed “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” in a Nintendo Direct livestream to the world…

The Super Mario Bros. Movie by Illumination and Nintendo will be released April 7, 2023 in theatres… No word of which streaming service it will arrive to, but it’s important to note, that the distributor for the film is Universal Studios.

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