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Logan Paul Signs With WWE1

WWE signs Logan Paul

For those of you who don’t know who Logan Paul, I’ll give you a fresher on who he is: Logan Paul is a YouTuber, Social Media personality, most would call him an influencer. His videos garnered around 5.8 Billion views. His stint at WWE began in 2017, when he appeared in Sami Zayn’s Red Carpet Premiere as part of Sami Zayn’s conspiracy theorist gimmick and storyline. He also showed up on Kevin Owen’s KO shows. He appeared at Wrestlemania 37 with Sami Zayn as partner. Logan Paul then returned as The Miz’s partner on Raw, but their partnership climaxed at Wrestlemania 38 with a double gimmick turn. Up until The Miz’s turn, Logan Paul was a heel. His turn was during a segment with WWE reporter…

Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon accompanied Logan Paul in his quest to sign a contract to become an official WWE Superstar, and Logan Paul had words of warning for The Miz. WWE posted a special YouTube video – which is what is known as a “shoot.” Logan Paul is coming for The Miz, and will headline Summerslam in August…

We’ll know more as the story develops. WWE Raw airs Monday on USA Network, and WWE Smackdown airs Friday on Fox. SummerSlam airs on PPV, WWE Network, and Peacock. Here is Logan Paul’s message to The Miz:

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