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Ghost of Tsushima gets in-depth Gameplay Trailer

The last time we got a trailer for Ghost of Tsushima, it was in March. It gave us a look at a part of the game’s story. It was slated for a release in June, but since has been delayed by a month. This morning, Sony held a “State of Play” Livestream, and it was focused around Ghost of Tsushima. In this livestream, Sucker Punch gave an in-depth look at the gameplay. You can explore the vast world of Tsushima, you can use a horse, you can pet the fox, you can be stealthy, you can be a samurai (I mean, that’s the point), and you can do missions in the open world of Tsushima. The livestream is about 19 minutes long. Enjoy…

Ghost of Tsushima arrives to retailers exclusively for PlayStation 4 on July 17, 2020.