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Death Stranding Launch Trailer released

Death Stranding was announced and revealed at E3 2019, and since then, Hideo Kojima has been very cryptic with his hints, teasing, and interviews for years. Hideo Kojima’s games has always been about picking part what everything means, and what is what. His games are just so strange, and so mysterious, which adds to the mystique of his games. Kojima has a habit of not just making his games mysterious, he also has a habit of making his games cinematic, as well. Well, Death Stranding is coming out soon (November 8, 2019 to be exact), and Kojima Productions released the launch trailer for Death Stranding…

In September, Kojima Productions released a briefing trailer to show off not only a snippet of the story, but also how beautiful the graphics are, and how cinematic the game is…

That’s not all, there’s a commercial for Death Stranding to show off how cinematic the game will be…

Death Stranding is to be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 on November 8, 2019. There is a PC version planned for Death Stranding, but Hideo Kojima said that version will be released in the Summer of 2020.

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