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Destiny 2 moves outside of Blizzard’s Network

Bungie has a long history of creating some of the best, most iconic names in the history of Video Games. If you know the Myth games, or the Halo games, then you know who Bungie is. Bungie was once a Microsoft studio, and since then has been split off.

In 2010, Bungie and Activision signed a publishing deal that would allow “Destiny” to become a reality. The details of the contract has not been fully disclosed, but it was a 10-year contract, where Bungie was given backing for publishing Destiny. Bungie would allow Activision to publish and market the game for Bungie, and Bungie would develop the game.

Destiny was released in 2014 alongside an exclusivity agreement that would mean that starting with Destiny, it would be exclusive to PlayStation until the contract expires (which is this year.) As months and years passed by, Destiny got add-ons and expansions that would extend the longevity of Destiny.

Destiny 2 was released in 2017, followed by new add-ons that would extend the longevity of Destiny. All at the same time, Bungie launched new microtrasactions to Destiny and Destiny 2. Fans got pissed off, and gave both companies backlash. According to reports, this ramping up of microtransactions were a Activision move. In 2018, both Bungie and Activision parted ways amicably. Bungie was able to retain the “Destiny” trademark, and plans to self-publish Destiny games going forward. There are reports that Bungie was happy with the decision.

During Google’s Stadia livestream, it was announced that Destiny 2 would be “free” to new customers of Stadia. For a limited time, you would get Destiny 2 and all of its add-ons. You thought that was it? Nope. In the same announcement, Bungie announced a new add-on… Shadowkeep.

And that’s still not all. The Activision/Bungie split allows Bungie to have more freedom to explore new avenues of putting Destiny on new services. In the past, it has been in Activision/Blizzard’s network whether it be or the new Blizzard

In addition to arriving to Google’s Stadia, Destiny 2 is also heading to Steam.

You still think that’s it!? Nope. Both Stadia and Steam versions of Destiny 2 will also give you a chance to migrate your guardian over to the new account(s). It’s been confirmed that on Steam, you can move over your guardian, and purchases, but it’s unknown how they will accomplish it with Stadia. I’m human, I have no idea.