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Microsoft reveals Xbox One S All Digital Edition

Since Microsoft teased their next console at their E32018 conference, everyone’s been wondering what they’re working on. The next iteration of Xbox? A refreshed Xbox One console? Or new devices? Well, there are some rumblings about all of the above. Right now, some people are getting conflicting rumors. One is a refresh of Xbox One S and X respectively, or entirely new consoles to replace both Xbox One S and X respectively, the other rumor is a handheld. We’ve gotten not one, not two, not three, but FOUR codenames relating to Xbox. They are Scarlett, Lockheart, Anaconda, and Maverick. Microsoft revealed Xbox One S All Digital Edition, which I assume is the first of 4 reveals – and I assume that Maverick is All Digital Edition.

What is Xbox One S All One Digital Edtion? As the name implies, Xbox One S Digital Edition is meant to be an entry console. It does not replace the current Xbox One S. It’s just a cheaper alternative to a full-blown Xbox One S. The price should be enticing to newcomers to Xbox: $249.

However, Microsoft is phasing out Xbox One S after May 7th, while supplies last. It still does not replace the Xbox One X, though. There are no physical or any other changes to the console, other than increasing the hard drive size to 1TB, and no disc drive. Xbox One S All Digital Edition has the same specs, the same controller, and the same dimensions as an Xbox One S.

Who is Xbox One S All Digital Edition aimed at? Simple. Everyone. The cheaper price point should attract just about anyone. However, I remiss if I don’t mention it: This is pretty much a test for Microsoft. All Digital Edition is practically what Microsoft originally wanted to market Xbox as: A dgitial-only console. They want to see if a digital-only console is a viable option for a new Xbox console.

When is Xbox One S All Digital Edition being released? Xbox One S All Digital Edition is being released on May 7th, 2019. Where can I pre-order or buy an Xbox One S All Digital Edition? You can pre-order Xbox One S All Digital Edition here. And you can also pre-order or buy it at any retailer that carries Xbox One consoles, or participating retailers, like the Microsoft Store.

Why is Microsoft releasing Xbox One S All Digital Edition? Well, the trend is going towards streaming. Most companies nowadays are launching their own digital distribution stores. Microsoft launched Xbox Live in 2002, and has slowly become their own online store. Sony launched PlayStation Store in 2006 with PlayStation 3. In 2011, livestreaming was rising in popularity with – now owned by Amazon. OnLive launched in 2010, it allowed you to play games on the cloud from your computer, laptop, or any device that allows for streaming. At this point, it was in its infancy. Sony acquired the patents of OnLive after the company completely shut down. Their competitor, Gaikai, though – was acquired, and so PlayStation Now was born. Netflix was originally a DVD rental company, and they’ve grown to become a digital distribution company, then converted into a streaming service. So, this has been coming for a while now. And that’s not all, Stadia is doing the same. Apple is launching Apple Arcade and similar services later this year. The list goes on, and on and on.

How do you buy games on this Xbox One S All Digital Edition console if it has no disc drive? Well. Microsoft launched Xbox Live with membership tiers. One was Xbox Live free (originally Xbox Live Silver), and the other one was Xbox Live Gold which still exists today. You pay $60 to go online with Xbox Live Gold, and you’re in. Once online, you go to the Xbox Live Arcade or Marketplace (Now known as the Xbox Games Store) and you have two choices: Buy a game with your credit card, or purchase a redeemable code to get the game online. Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass has grown in popularity, it allows you to download and install select Xbox One, Xbox, and Xbox 360 games. Basically becoming a “Netflix for Video Games” service.