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Borderlands 3 Revealed!

Yesterday, Gearbox Software released a new trailer teasing a Borderlands-related announcement. Some presumed it would be Borderlands 3, and so… This evening, at PAX East, Borderlands 3 was confirmed and announced!

Not much has been known about Borderlands 3, but they said to go to on April 3rd for more information. Also, that wasn’t the only Borderlands announcement made at PAX East. The Handsome Collection is getting a new version called “Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Ultra HD.” In Ultra HD, there are some new features such as 4K support and a bigger emphasis on co-op play.

For those of you with a copy of “Borderlands: The Handsome Collection,” you’ll get a title update that includes the updated version of the game: “Ultra HD Texture Packs available April 3 for FREE on your platform’s digital store. Upgrade game textures including characters, vehicles, weapons and environments.

You thought that was it? Nope. They’re also re-releasing the original Borderlands. Releasing April 3, 2019 – “Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition” has everything that was released for Borderlands, but with graphical upgrades. See for yourself…

Both games are coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. More information about Borderlands 3 is to come on April 3rd!