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Sledgehammer Games recaps their 7th anniversary

Sledgehammer Games threw a week-long company-wide party and gave away swag, and digital goods to Advanced Warfare fans through an event called Hammer Week. Well, recently, Suicide Squad, a DC comics film – just came out. Sledgehammer Games had a private screening reserved just for them to view Suicide Squad with their comrades. It was done to show appreciation for their work, according to Sledghammer Games in a blog post…

Greetings from your friendly Bay Area Dev Studio!

We recently took a trip up to Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco to watch an early screening of Suicide Squad in a private theater reserved for our team. Team outings are always a great opportunity for everyone to take a step back from their work for a moment, share with others outside their department, and visit nearby San Francisco. Out of the many conversations happening before the movie started and in the bar afterwards, one thing was abundantly clear – we’re all deeply appreciative of the love and support we received from all of our fans during #HammerWeek. Thanks so much for coming out to play, sharing your AW stories, and hurling compliments at us. It’s incredibly important to us to have a strong relationship with our community and we’re so lucky to have each and every one of you! Another great #HammerWeek in the books. Thanks so much.

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Here is the launch trailer of Suicide Squad…

Congratulations to Sledgehammer Games on their 7th anniversary!