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NEW Weapons Arrive in Black Ops 3 [List/Trailer]

New weapons have arrived for Black Ops 3 multiplayer! These are available through the Black Market for PS4, Xbox One and PC. See the list below along with the trailer for the Black Market update.

Alongside new weapons the update brings camos, gear sets and more! See below

Below listed are the new items:

  • Weapons:
    • MX Garand (Assault Rifle) — This classic remake is a powerful semi-automatic assault rifle that is devastating at a distance, putting targets down with two shots.
    • Marshal 16 Shotgun-Pistol — When you need to clear a room in a hurry, this hand-cannon combines the massive firepower of a double-barrel shotgun with the mobility of a pistol.
    • NX Shadow Claw Crossbow — This silent, mid-range weapon delivers lethal stealth projectile bolts that can be retrieved after firing.
  • Melee Weapons:
    • Iron Jim
    • Fury’s Song
  • Weapon Camos:
    • Ritual
    • Etching
    • Prestige
  • Two New Calling Cards sets: Call of Duty: World at War & Call of Duty: Black Ops 1
  • New Gear Sets for specialists:
    • Geist (available for all 9 specialists)
    • Samurai (Ruin)
    • Ash and Blood (Outrider)
    • Deity (Prophet)
    • Jail Bird (Battery)
    • Goth (Seraph)
    • Poison Frog (Nomad)
    • Jester (Reaper)
    • Venom (Spectre)
    • Eviction (Firebreak)
  • New Emblems:
    • Kings Armor
    • Clash
    • Mad Bunny
    • Diamond Heat
    • Evil Octopus

Trailer for Black Market Update: