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Treyarch teases ‘Aeygo Generation’ for Black Ops 3 Campaign

Treyarch have posted a new blog post advertising a K-Pop group, Aeygo Generation – it is not clear yet what exactly it has to do with Black Ops 3 but it is believed to be teasing the campaign mode.

Korean pop group Aegyo Generation kicked off their world tour in Seoul, South Korea last night to a crowd of over 400,000 fans. This first show kicks off their four-leg Dae-bak stadium tour, consisting of over 210 shows and boasting the world’s first neon animatronic zoo, complete with an 80-foot robotic crystal giraffe.

Aegyo Generation has been on fire this year with their hit “Go Getcha Boy,” which has topped the non-AI music charts for 14 straight weeks. The song’s holovideo hit five billion views last week, and the “Go Getcha” dance continues to be a craze on virtual media channels.

The tour is expected to take at least three years to complete and will culminate in the group’s first concert movie, a 4D interactive experience which the band says will “revolutionize the way concerts are watched in the home.” Tickets for the 72-city first leg of the Dae-bak tour go on sale Monday via their website.

One setback for the group and their tour: continued instability in and around the Mediterranean Sea has led to postponed tour dates in Malta, Cyprus, and Corfu.