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CODGhosts Nemesis map previews

Activision has been a bit busy recently. CODGhosts Nemesis was recently revealed to the world. Over the weekend, Activision and Co. took it’s sweet time to unveil the Nemesis maps. Let’s go over Nemesis DLC maps and learn a little bit more about them, shall we?

What’s Subzero? Subzero thrusts players into a submarine base, somewhere in Canada. It has been abandoned to the point of no return.

What’s Goldrush? Goldrush takes place in Southwestern United States gold mine. This particular gold mine has a network of caverns and tunnels. The abandoned tracks offers players an opportunity to hop onto mine carts to travel the map quicker.

What’s Dynasty? Dynasty drops players into a Chinese lakeside village. The map has some gorgeous picture-worthy mountains, vivid gardens, and a zen-like environment. The map has many paths, pathways, and locations with a lot of variety.

What’s Showtime? Showtime is located in a Death Arena. Showtime is a re-imagination of Call of Duty 4’s fan favorite, Shipment. It has been expanded, and redesigned from top to bottom. The map is pretty much a killstreak-on-a-map. It can be triggered by a Field Order – but randomly. Outside of the actual Shipment map is more room to roam, at the same time, it’s also like a killstreak – once you get the random Field Order to trigger it, it kills whomever is in those tunnels via gas. Machine guns are inside the containers and can be triggered by the same random Field Order. See for yourself…

Call of Duty: Ghosts’ 4th, and final DLC arrives on Xbox Live tomorrow, August 5th, 2014. As usual, Xbox 360 & Xbox One owners will be able to download CODGhosts Nemesis first, while other platforms get it a month later.