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Hammer Week reveals lots of Advanced Warfare info

On Monday, July 21st Sledgehammer games revealed that they’d be scheduling a week-long celebration of the Studio’s 5 Year Anniversary. To start off the week, Sledgehammer Games co-founders wrote a letter to the fans about their monumental milestone, and at the same time, coined the week as “Hammer Week,” with a surprise to boot. So, what happened over the week? Let’s over the week, shall we?

On Tuesday (July 22nd), Sledgehammergames held a Challenge Coin and Patch sweepstakes on their Twitter account. See for yourself:

Sledgehammer Coins
Sledgehammer Games’ 5 year anniversary coin.

Sledgehammer Patch
Sledgehammer Games’ 5 year anniversary patch.

On the same day, Vice in partnership with Activision released a video talking about how Private Military Companies (PMC’s) are changing the face of war…

If that wasn’t enough, MLG revealed on their Call of Duty channel, that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer will be fully playable at GamesCom 2014 in London…

This means a reveal of Advanced Warfare’s Multiplayer is likely to be set for the days before GamesCom even opens. That’s speculation at this point, though.

There’s more: A famous, well known musician by the stage name “Afrojack” went to Sledgehammer Games’ headquarters in Foster City, California and talked with developers. He offered a few kind words about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare after playing the game.

On Wednesday (July 23rd), Sledgehammer Games revealed their Advanced Warfare Exclusive Digital Content…

Hammer Week CODAW image
New Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare image during Hammer Week

On Thursday (which is today), the Surprise turned out to be a Sweepstakes for Call of Duty fans to enter and win a chance to be in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare…

CODAW Sweepstakes
Sledgehammer Games reveals Advanced Warfare sweepstakes

To enter the sweepstakes, you’re going to need to enter your Full Name, Home Address, Gamertag, Date of Birth, and e-mail address to join the contest here.