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Advanced Warfare’s story inspired by The Last of Us

Sledgehammer Games co-founders wants to redefine Call of Duty with Advanced Warfare by delivering a futuristic world, and bordering on the Science Fiction universe. [No, the game isn’t Sci-Fi.] Sledgehammer games has been speaking to futurists, specialists, and others to determine what will happen in 40 years. They’ve also been getting input by experts in the Military industry about technology currently in development, and tech that will eventually happen. The latest video talks all about that, and new equipment…

How is this related?
Funny you should ask, because Advanced Warfare has been influenced and inspired by Game of Thrones, and The Last of us. The co-founders want Advanced Warfare to have a lot of talk, like Game of Thrones did, and they wanted to have a scene similar to the “Red Wedding” scene from Game of Thrones. Furthermore, the co-founders went on to say that Advanced Warfare’s story is also influenced by The Last of Us, saying that the game did a great job of creating a connection between Joel, the protagonist of The Last of Us – and the player. [Source]

On top of that, there are some story elements in Advanced Warfare that has never been done in films, let alone a video game. Sledgehammer Games wants to deliver compelling characters, with a compelling story. There are some storytelling techniques that would deliver a compelling story overall. [Article]