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Everything we know about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare so far

It started on Thursday night, and then into the next morning. The new Call of Duty site was launched, and millions of fans, players, critics, journalists, and just about everyone else were witnessing the reveal of the new Call of Duty. At first, it was a bunch of references to some links about Private Military Companies (PMC) and Contractors, then it showed a video about how they’re trying to privatize war. At the same time, GameInformer revealed the world’s first look at Advanced Warfare – it showed what looked like a black man sweating something. Game Informer went on to say that the world reveal would take place on May 4th, ahead of the release of Game Informer’s June issue.

The next thing you know; someone, somehow, somewhere – leaked the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare video…

Activision was trying to play scavenger hunt with fans, and that didn’t last long. What originally was planned for a May 4th reveal, turned out to be a May 2nd reveal of the next Call of Duty title. Shortly thereafter, many websites, many publications, and many journalists were trying to dissect the trailers, information that were revealed by Activision and Co. It was crazy. Tons of information going around. So, what do we know so far?

Initial Trailer:

– All DLC arrives to Xbox branded consoles first.
– The trailer was running on Xbox One hardware.
– Advanced Warfare seems to be a multiplatform Call of Duty title.
– Kevin Spacey plays a major role in the story.
– The game’s slogan is “Power Changes Everything.”
– Advanced Warfare’s release date is 11-4-14, which is November 4th, 2014.


You are Private Mitchell, an advanced soldier for a Private Military Company called ATLAS. The game takes place in 2054, and the world is stricken by attacks brought on by militaries (& organizations) all around the world. Leading ATLAS, the world’s largest Private Military Company (PMC) is Jonathan Irons. ATLAS isn’t the only PMC in town, you’ll be facing off against other militaries, and other organizations, including a terrorist organization called KVA. The co-founders of Sledgehammer Games likened the story as a global 9/11 (September 11th terrorist attack on U.S. soil) in that major cities in the continent(s) were attacked by KVA.

“Superpower For Hire” isn’t just a marketing slogan, it’s the game’s major theme. The world’s most powerful military isn’t a country. It’s a corporation. Private Military Corporation aren’t loyal to a country, it’s being “sold” to the highest bidder. In other words, PMC’s are corporate contractors. Or contractors in general. It’s been a growing trend since 2003, as a matter of fact – contractors make up for 63% of total military action in Afghanistan occupation during the Iraqi war (ahem; “shock and awe” campaign). See for yourself…

Jonathan Irons is the Founder and President of ATLAS, he has a son. Both are involved in this PMC. In fact, Private Mitchell & Will Irons were both squadmates in the Marines. When their tour was over, Mitchell was approached by Jonathan to join ATLAS, and this is where Advanced Warfare takes off. Mitchell says yes, and was given a EXO suit. These exoskeleton suits play a major role in Advanced Warfare’s gameplay, and story.

“Power Changes Everything.”

In Activision’s effort to create a believable story, believable world – Activision & Co. consulted with “experts from production design in movies to experts in the military to scientists and futurists,” Sledgehammer Games said in a statement.


– After their work with MW3, Activision approached Sledgehammer games with an opportunity to work on Call of Duty.
– Work started shortly after MW3.
– Advanced Warfare is the first Call of Duty title to be under a 3 year development cycle.
– Advanced Warfare is a Next Generation “first priority.” (More later.)
– Sledgehammer Games originally wanted to create a Call of Duty title in 3rd person.
– There’s only one protagonist, unlike the past Call of Duty titles.
– Your visor has some nifty new technologies, such as augmented reality.
– Augmented Reality reveals enemy locations in your visor.
– Your grenade is compatible with the visor which is perfect for flanking locations.
– One of your grenades is a variable grenade that can switch from concussion to threat detection via visor as mentioned earlier.
– You can earn points to upgrade your EXO suit.
– These upgrades includes magnetic gloves, super jumps, cloaking camouflage, hovering, and boost-dodge for cover.
– According to the developers, the game runs on a new engine. (Fossil is a rumored name for the engine.)
– Advanced Warfare will have some sort of co-op mode.
– A rideable vehicle in the game – called a “Pitbull,” is based on the Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle.
– Some of your guns, some of your weapons are energy-based, projectile-based. So, some of your weapons aren’t traditional ammunition.
– You can deploy a cover in front of you. And the cover will absorb energy-based projectiles towards you.
– Sledgehammer Games is calling this the most creative, the most ambitious Call of Duty title yet.
– Bobby Kotick, the C.E.O. of Activision is saying that Advanced Warfare is “perhaps the best Call of Duty game ever made.”


– Advanced Warfare won’t feature “disembodied voices talking over maps.”
– Instead, the game will feature rendered scenes to depict the story.
– Harry Gregson-Williams is doing the musical score for Advanced Warfare! Mr. Gregson-Williams is known for his work on the Metal Gear Solid series.
– “I think Advanced Warfare is going to be the best-sounding and certainly the best-mixed game ever.” commented Don Veca. Mr. Veca is the audio director on Advanced Warfare.


– San Francisco, California – Many scenes took place on the iconic Golden State Bridge.
– Detroit, Michigan
– Lagos, Nigeria – Some scenes show the Nigerian flag, and “Lagos” signs.

Voice-Overs & Their Roles:

– Kevin Spacey – Jonathan Irons
– Troy Baker – Private Mitchell

Voice-Overs & Their Previous Experiences:

– Kevin Spacey – House of Cards, 21, and American Beauty
– Troy Baker – The Last of Us, Batman: Arkham Origins, and BioShock Infinite

COD: AW Box Art
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Next Gen)
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Sledgehammer Games
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Current Gen)
Publisher: Activision
Developer: TBA
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Release Date: November 4th, 2014