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Leaked GDC image leads to MW4 posted an image of what looks like the first image of Call of Duty 2014. It’s not much, but it’s the same image that was flashed during this year’s Game Developer Conference [GDC]. It shows off how detailed and how realistic the character(s) can look in “Black Smith” (codename for COD 2014).

1st Image of COD 2014
1st Image leaked of COD 2014 from

Soon after IGN posted an image of COD 2014, people have speculated about the image and pointed out that the image looks similar to Sergeant Foley from MW2. Which became a speculation that COD 2014 is indeed Modern Warfare 4 (or “MW4” for short).

Comparison MW4 to MW2
Speculation begun that COD 2014 is MW4 based on the image from MW2.

Other speculations include that the story might take place between MW2 and MW3. At the end of MW2, U.S. was taken back, and someone said to Foley, “So when are we goin’ to Moscow?”