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MW4 is coming, and there’s no stopping it

Last year, I listed the reasons why Modern Warfare 4 is coming. However, many people are either skeptical, or excited that the next Call of Duty title is possibly Modern Warfare 4. In fact, about a hundred people responded to this article where I pose theories for the next iteration of Modern Warfare. Everyone participated in their own theories of what could happen after MW3’s ending.. It’s 2014, people have been wondering what becomes of the next Call of Duty. Sledgehammer Games has been very eager, very energized, very excited, and thrilled to work on the next Call of Duty, if their recent tweet is anything to go by…

Sledgehammer Games' COD 2014
Sledgehammer Games is really excited about their COD release for 2014

Sledgehammer Games hasn’t developed a video game since 2011, that’s roughly 3 years. The new tweet by Sledgehammer re-ignites speculation, theories, and talk around the name of Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty game. Is it Modern Warfare 4 or an entirely new sub-series, like Ghosts? All signs point towards Modern Warfare 4.

MW4 has been teased in a shape or form
During last year’s Game Developer Conference (GDC), a Modern Warfare 4 trailer was uploaded, teasing a possible reveal of MW4.

Sledgehammer Games confirmed they were working on a Call of Duty title.
Since May of last year, they’ve been heads down on their next project – a Call of Duty title. Sledgehammer Games co-founders hasn’t been shy of showing their interest in a possible Modern Warfare 4. [Source]

Accidental leaks points towards Modern Warfare 4
An employee for Sledgehammer Games listed that he was working on the next “Modern Warfare” as a Visual Effects Artist. It might have been an unintended mistake; people use LinkedIn to network with other like-minded professionals.

Sledgehammer Games confirmed they are working on a new Call of Duty
On Sledgehammer Games’ own blog post, the co-founders of the company announced that they are developing this year’s Call of Duty title. They even wrote a letter to followers, Call of Duty fans, and everyone interested in their work…

Five years ago, we started on the most exciting journey of our careers. Sledgehammer Games was built around a singular goal – to create world-class interactive entertainment that entertains millions of fans around the world. We have a passion for creating games and a team dedicated to achieving excellence in everything that we do.

Having the honor of developing the new, next generation of Call of Duty is a developer’s dream come true. All of us here at Sledgehammer Games have a shared vision to create the best work of our lives. The next Call of Duty represents a new era for this amazing franchise, and we look forward to sharing what we have been working on.

Today is just the beginning, there is so much more to come!

Glen Schofield & Michael Condrey
Founders of Sledgehammer Games

Furthermore, Activision held an investor call to talk stats, financials, and the future of the company as a whole. Eric Hirshberg, the C.E.O. of the Activision Publishing said that Sledgehammer Games’ involvement in the next Call of Duty title will initiate a 3-year development cycle. So, whatever this CoD2014 ends up being, this will be Sledgehammer Games’ first major title. With MW3, they were just supporting Infinity Ward with whatever IW needed. This time, they’re on their own. [Source]

Doing away with the 2 year cycle, Eric commented on the development quality… “On the two-year cycle, with the level of content we were putting in the games, it became a real horse race each and every time to get everything done that we wanted to get done.” [Source]

Why is everyone worried about the quality of CoD2014? Activision’s own C.E.O. expects CoD2014 to be different from what Infinity Ward and Treyarch has been offering for years..
As a matter of fact, Eric says “We give each of our studios a lot of independence.” And his [and Activision’s] message to Sledgehammer Games is a resounding… “You know what makes this thing great; now go do it your way.”

And if that weren’t enough: According to a anonymous tip, the next game is INDEED Modern Warfare 4.
OnlySP was given inside info about the next Call of Duty, stating that 2014’s CoD will be a fourth iteration of Modern Warfare. The tipster goes on to say that both Shadow Company and General Shepherd will make a return. A few locations have been leaked, as well – a stealth mission in Amsterdam, and another one will take place in Shanghai. No other information has been released. [Source]

March is just around the corner, we might know more about Call of Duty then, just like last year during Game Developer Conference (GDC). However, major leaks usually takes place in April or May, so we have a few months before we see confirmation of CoD2014.