WWE Network launches Feb 24 across all platforms

Vince McMahon took the stage at the Consumer Electronic Show 2014 (CES2014), to unveil their exciting new venture – WWE Network. That’s right, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is about to launch their new entertainment network starting February 24th, 2014. WWE, Inc. claims that WWE Network will bring 24 hours, 7 days a week worth of WWE content…

You can use your WWE account or Social Media Network account to login to and/or and purchase a $9.99/mo premium access to all WWE content including WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, WWE’s pre-existing (catalogue), existing, and future Pay Per Views. So, you can watch thousands of hours of content, shows, pre-shows/post-shows, and fresh, brand new content every day. You can use your desktop computer, your tablet, your mobile phone, your PlayStation console (PS3/PS4), Xbox console (Xbox 360/Xbox One), or your standard TV cable package.

As John Cena said, WWE Network launches February 24th, 2014 across all platforms and will cost you $9.99 per month. If you’d like to have the choice of buying a whole year of WWE Network, that’d be $60.