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What if CODGhosts featured Ghost’s Son?

Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Single Player campaign was a major focus in a trailer released recently. I was thinking long and hard about what’s new in the trailer. Then it hit me: Look back at last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II’s narrative. In Black Ops 2, the story put a major focus on a narrative. It wasn’t [Alex] Mason that it was a focus of the story, contrary to popular speculation – rather, it put focus on Mason’s son. You take control as David Mason the whole way through, while at the same time – Frank Woods tells you the story of what happened from his perspective – and you play as Alex Mason as a narrative, your job was to stop Raul Menendez, and eventually you do.

Ghost is famous known for his role in Modern Warfare 2 and went on to become a cult icon to the point of getting fan petitions, fans’ desire to have him included in a Call of Duty title since MW2. Infinity Ward has not heeded this fan feedback to play as Ghost, desire to at least see him in a cameo appearance, or see his story. Ever since late last year, and into early this year, people have been asking if Ghost would make a return in some shape or form.

Around April or May, there has been a lot of speculation and talk about the next Call of Duty title. In the midst of all of this speculation – Call of Duty Ghosts was revealed. Shortly thereafter, it re-ignited talk and speculation as to the possibility of Ghost making a return. The story was not clear enough, and there wasn’t one major “hint” with regards to the direction of CODGhosts. Until now…

It did not hit me until 1:51 when two folks were talking supposedly finished talking to each other…

Does the atmosphere, the backdrop, and mood remind you of anything? It did, for me, because it looks eerily similar.. really familiar to me. I recall that one scene when Frank Wood and David Mason was outside at Alex Mason’s grave, talking about the story. If you don’t believe me, go back and finish Black Ops 2.

Here, this is from the Wii U version of the game, skip to 2:11 and you’ll see what I mean…

Click at your own risk. The video contains spoilers.

So, back to the question: What if Call of Duty: Ghosts featured Ghost’ son? I mean, it’s not that far fetched, either. The Call of Duty Dog is named “Riley” and has been billed strictly as a “fan service.” And even if I am wrong, the narrative is so similar it’s ridiculous.

If I am wrong, then it would be someone else’s son. I can’t point my finger at it, but something tells me this story is an extension of the Modern Warfare arc. In other words, while the game bears a new name as “Ghosts.” The game is possibly in the same universe. It is, after all, Infinity Ward.

Fact check between Black Ops 2 and CODGhosts:

– Both seemed to have this post-apocalyptic feel.
– Both takes place in the future. Although one has future weapons, the other does not.
– The enemy has long been secret from the public until months leading up to launch. Even more so with Ghosts.

We don’t even know who we are up against this time around. All we know is that we’re converging a building on Venezuela soil.

– Both has a narrative that focuses on at least one person – and/or heir(s) in the family.
– Both has a strong theme – Black Ops 2 was all about future weapons, Ghosts is all about stealth.

What do you think?