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Call of Duty: Ghosts Perks

CODGhosts Perks
Call of Duty Ghosts Perks

Starting with Call of Duty 4, Infinity Ward revolutionized the first person shooters genre with “Perks.” These perks are boosts to help customize a player action, a player movement, a player equipment, a player killstreak, or a player weapon. These perks created an arcade feel for first person shooter fans. Every time a new Call of Duty title is about to come out – one of the first questions is “What is the next COD title’s perks?” Call of Duty Ghosts Perks are…

Re-Roll Care Packages

  • Hardline – Less KillStreak Requirements
  • Deadeye – More damage when on a KillStreak
  • Overkill – Equip two primary weapons, no pistol
  • Ping – Local Sonar

No fall damage

  • Painkiller – Regenerate Health faster
  • Toughness – Less flinch when hit
  • Tactical Mask – Reduces effects on Flashbangs and Concussion Grenades
  • Blast Shield – Less explosive damage

Extra tactical equipment
Extra lethal equipment
Extra Ammo

  • Bling – Extra weapon attachments
  • Danger Close – More explosive damage


  • Recon – Causes explosive damage to pinpoint enemies on radar
  • Scavenger – Resupplies ammo and grenades when passing by opponents’ corpses
  • SitRep – Enemy equipment appears as a bright color and is visible through walls
  • Awareness – Enemy movements are easier & clearer to hear and also negates Dead Silence


  • Takedown – No death symbol for enemies you’ve killed
  • Blind Eye – Immunity to autonomous air support and sentry turrets
  • Off the Grid – Invisible to UAV KillStreaks and/or PointStreaks
  • Dead Silence – Footstep noise reduced to silence
  • Cold Blooded – Invisible to all Air Support KillStreaks

Faster Weapons swap

  • Strong Arm – Throw grenades quicker
  • On the Go – Reload while running
  • Steady Aim – Higher hip fire accuracy
  • Quickdraw – Quicker ADS (Aim Down Sights)

Ready weapons faster

  • Sleight of Hand – Less reload time
  • Lightweight – Small increase in movement speed
  • Marathon – Increases sprint duration
  • Stalker – 100% Walk speed while in ADS

This article is a work in progress. It will be updated as we get new information about Call of Duty Ghosts Perks.