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Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Revealed

Call of Duty Ghosts has been revealed. Activision let the floodgates of first footage and info on CODGhosts Multiplayer for the world to see. With 100+ Million Call of Duty players watching the Live Stream, the first thing we see at the Global Multiplayer Reveal event is a trailer of Call of Duty: Ghosts…

As you can see, the first thing we know is that the Call of Duty Dog, Riley is part of the Multiplayer mode. With Infinity Ward’s emphasis on “Squads” this shouldn’t come as a surprise. But it is! There seems to be a new HUD interface going on here. You’ve got an interactive Radar on the upper left corner. Very transparent. Even though transparent, your player and the enemy looks like they’re highly noticeable. The killfeed has moved from the lower left, to the upper right corner. Seems to be a design decision on Infinity Ward’s part to bring focus into the upper right corner with that new scoring system going on there.

There are a lot of elements going on in the reveal trailer, too. The equipment you have now are easier to stick to walls and are dynamic to the point of being able to explode a player from the top. Environments seem to be more interactive, there’s this moving mechanism in the middle of the battlefield. You can mantle over objects to advance to the other side of the map. Environmental objects fall onto each other as if the maps are live – Real, breathing world. Environments are also destructible. Your weapons, your killstreaks (or pointstreaks), and dynamic effects such as earthquakes can change the strategies of your own, or your enemies.

What we know so far about Call of Duty Ghosts are…

Marshall Mathers’ (a.k.a. Eminem) new song, called “Survival” is featured in Call of Duty Ghosts.

Dynamic Maps:
– Your Weapons, your player-controlled demolition, your killstreaks can impact, change, or alter the maps via destructible environments.
– Natural dynamic events such as an electric pole can alter your strategy going forward. These natural events can also alter your enemies’ strategies, too.

– Your appearance can be edited, altered, and customized with 20,000 different customizations to choose from.
– You can choose to be a man, or a woman.
– If you join a clan and play with a clan, you can unlock new camos, and customizable elements.

– You can unlock equipment, regardless of rank. As long as you can afford it (via points in the game, or clan points.)
– You have a budget of X amount of slots, similar to Black Ops 2’s Pick 10 system.
– You can take away slots in order to gain more points for use towards other slots.

– You now have 9 perk slots.
– Points are weighted between 1 to 3. So, you can have 8 perks worth 1pts each, or 4 perks worth 2 points each, or a combination of the two.
– Perks are grouped this time around, rather than tiered, like previous entries in the Call of Duty series.

Call of Duty Ghosts will arrive to PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 on November 5th, 2013. CODGhosts for PlayStation 4, and Xbox One will be released alongside those Next Generation consoles.