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Sonic Lost World is the Sonic game that we’ve been waiting for.

After SEGA structured their company as a third party developer for other consoles than their own gaming consoles, SEGA has made many attempts to re-invent Sonic. It’s 2013, Sonic Lost World was recently announced by SEGA, and Nintendo as an exclusive title under their new 3-title exclusive partnership. Yesterday, SEGA revealed the first trailer of Sonic Lost World.

I’m seeing a lot of potential in Sonic Lost World, it looks like they’ve re-invented Sonic in a good way. They’ve taken the series’ fundamental roots, and taken them to next generation. The trailer seems to be showing that the series has gone back to the basics with 2D platforming. While taking some old 3D tricks from the Sonic Adventures series. I’m also seeing some traces of inspiration(s) from a canceled project called Sonic Xtreme.

Sonic Xtreme was originally developed for Sega’s 32X upgrade for Genesis, but the project was moved to Sega’s 32-bit Saturn. It was canceled before it was ever considered for release. How am I seeing traces of inspiration? Well, the camera angles seem to take Sonic in all kinds of directions – including the actual 2D plane. Lost World seems to be taking an old project and put it on a next generation console, and making it seem like it’s part of the plot. Rather than not.

Sonic Lost World will be released in 2013, for Nintendo Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS. We’ll know more in a few weeks, at E32013.