Call of Duty devs researching tablet and mobile play

Call of Duty publisher Activision has revealed that its shooter teams are currently researching ways to transfer the mayhem and bombast of their full-scale shooter experiences to tablets and mobile. It’s very much of-interest to the publisher, says Activision’s Jon Estanislao.

Speaking at the DMW Games conference in Los Angeles, Estanislao said, “We’re definitely looking to reach out to our core audience and engage them beyond their TV or PC and then give them new experiences around Call of Duty that are unique for that device.

“Going forward for us, how do we really take that Call of Duty experience, what is the essence of it? These kinds of grandiose, immerse experiences–how do we move that to mobile or tablet?

“From a development perspective, we’re investing a lot more in understanding how to marry that together with how customers expect to play on those devices.”

He added that it’s taken Activision longer to capitalise in the mobile space as the company’s DNA means it can’t be as flexible – whatever that means – and added that the company currently has, “dedicated internal studios to work on it, and folks from outside the industry that we’re bringing in.”

So, how could the full Call of Duty exist on tablets or mobile? Should it be left alone given that it wirks well with either a mouse and keyboard or twin-stick controller? Let us know below.

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  1. we pay to much for the games and DLC in my opinion and no doubt there will be a price to pay for this as well so I think it’s right we should be able to take it with us no matter where we go..

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