Black Ops 2 “Uprising” incoming?

Ever since Black Ops II’s “Revolution” DLC was released, there has been rumblings already about the next DLC. [CODForums post] But shortly thereafter, MP1st and other media outlets debunked it via investigative work. [Source] However, a few weeks ago, clues to the next DLC popped up. [Source] It’s more credible than the “Orientation” leak. And the next leak, which is via a promotional “card” (or poster, whichever you prefer) came up, and everyone believes it because more and more media outlets are reporting it.

Ladies and gentlemen, Black Ops 2 “Uprising”!

B02 Uprising
Black Ops II “Uprising” promotional card

A lot of this seems credible because the official Call of Duty site seems to be hiding hints of the map pack. Not only that, more, and more retailers are listing the “Uprising” Map Pack, and on top of that, Microsoft updated the Xbox listing to include the map pack in preparation for the April 16th launch. [Source]

Finally, Vertigo is supposed to be a Modern Warfare 2 map. [Source] Mob of the Dead is possibly the sequel to the original Black Ops’ “Call of the Dead” mode. [Source]

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