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Black Ops 2 players becoming god with cheats

The multiplayer aspect of Black Ops 2 is what many fans buy the game for, and since its release plenty of gamers have poured countless hours into the multiplayer mode, but it seems some more glitches have been found causing players to have a god-like invincibility that stops them from getting killed.

This glitch may be welcomed by some gamers although the joy of being invincible has also stripped the user from doing other things, rendering the player useless. The so-called god glitch can be seen in the video below, which offers an explanation of how this happened, and this appeared while playing on the Downhill map.

According to the user he was doing quite well until the host migrated, and it was only then he checked his party status to find out that he was in the game, but also out of it. As far as Black Ops 2 cheats go, this is not an ideal situation because it seems all very well walking around without getting shot, especially when players see you and try to unload their weapon at you. But he is also unable to interact with other players or capture a flag.

Although this glitch does not allow the gamer to exploit the bug, it seems that you are nothing more than a ghost, so this is a frustrating situation that can ruin the multiplayer experience. While some Black Ops 2 gamers may find this amusing, this is a glitch that needs sorting, and some gamers have discussed this sort of thing happening in the previous title.

Have you experienced a situation similar to this? Maybe you have had it where you cannot kill but can be killed?

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