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Modern Warfare 4 (MW4) on Steam Box?


We haven’t heard any details on the rumored Modern Warfare 4 game for a while, but we have two snippets of information that you should definitely take notice of. The first is regarding a dubious Modern Warfare 4 beta scam that is currently in circulation online, while the second is a lot more official, with developers Infinity Ward revealing a rather strange teaser on Twitter.

We start with a word of warning for those of you who are desperate to find news on a Modern Warfare 4 beta. You should be aware by now that there isn’t one and if there ever was, it would be internal or closed only as we have seen with previous Call of Duty games in the build up to launch.

Considering Modern Warfare 4 hasn’t even been officially unwrapped by Activision yet, we find it hard to believe that scammers are already trying to dupe users into believing that beta signups are already available. Unfortunately, that is what is going on at the moment if you head to – an unofficial website not connected to either Infinity Ward or Activision that just tries to steal your personal information.

The guys over at Fusible have discovered that the domain of the website doesn’t even belong to anyone officially connected with the game, but rather a single person who is just trying to deceive users for their own personal gain. We have seen the same process happen with the likes of Halo, so it goes without saying that you should not be fooled by any such website.

Moving on, Infinity Ward has posted something interesting on their Twitter page, showing an image of what looks to be the recently unveiled Xi3 Steam Box – only this time it has Infinity Ward’s logo on it. The developer isn’t saying anything else for now, but speculation has already begun on what it could possibly mean, and if it is linked to the inevitable Modern Warfare 4 or not.

Perhaps the PC will now have a much more prominent role in the next Call of Duty game, or if the Xi3 box has some exclusive features attached to it? Infinity Ward has Tweeted the picture though, so something is definitely going down. We’ll bring you an update on this when we can. Beware of any beta scams.

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