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Call of Duty: Black Ops II MultiPlayer Details, New Modes, Screenshots

Do you like change? The next instalment to one of, if not the most popular FPS franchises to hit mother earth, is nigh, and Call of Duty: Black Ops IIis packing a punch full of change.With the details regarding how Treyarch has changed up how zombies mode would be quite different this time around, it was only a matter of time before we would get all the goodies surrounding the changes in multiplayer.


Where to begin? Parties? Yes, the new party mode. Technically it is not truly new, more less a new name in which Treyarch categorizes game modes such as, gun-game, sticks and stones, sharpshooter, and one-in the-chamber. Things are a little different this time around though, as gamers can earn XP instead of the in-game currency.


If you are the type of gamer who does not subscribe to the competitive side of things, then the new additions to Combat Training may be just what you are looking for. Much like the previous addition in Call of Duty: Black Ops, gamers will still face-off against AI controlled opponents in order to help adjust their skill-sets and get some possibly needed practice time in.

This time around though, there are some new additions that will actually help you progress with your online ranking. In ‘Boot Camp’ you can pit yourself against bots and rank your character up to level ten. The new mode will allow gamers to become a little more familiar with maps, guns and play styles, as you will play not only AI controlled enemies, but rather a mix of humans and bots in a regular team deathmatch setting. Once you reach level ten however, you will not gain any more experience. Everything you earn in ‘Boot Camp’ will stay with your character when you decide to head online.

Another mode has been added entitled, ‘Objective’. In this mode you can test your skill in a 3v3 setting against other human players, however you will only earn half of the regular XP granted. You can stay in this mode after level ten, but it is meant more for gamers who wish to hone their skill in objective style play before they head into the larger world in online MP.

Finally, the last mode of Combat Training is known as ‘Bot Stomp’. In this mode you and five other human controlled players will duke it out in whatever game mode you wish against six bots. It should be noted that no experience or unlocks are able to be earned for this mode.


Do you wish to be in control of everything that occurs in a certain match? Then if so, look no further then Custom Matches. Here you can choose what unlocks are used, what classes people can dive into, the game mode etc. If you want a sniper only lobby then that is up to you. Shotguns only with no RPG’s? Anyway you want i,t you have it. You can host your own matches which will help you unlock the customizable aspects of the game, which in turn are only unlocked via challenges. There are roughly 1000 challenges to be exact, and each will help you unlock camo’s, reticules, and new additions to every weapon.

Everything in the game is customizable from riot-shields, guns, and even RPG’s can now be altered via the challenges available in the game. In other words, the money system from the previously title has been replaced with experience and challenges.

The emblem artists of Call of Duty (you know the people who draw the unmentionables and the people who actually spend time devising a great emblem), well, emblems are back, and so is the report button, which Treyarch states they will be much more diligent this time in regards to people drawing racist or derogatory emblems. The penalty will also be a tad steeper, however the outcome for violating these ‘rules’ is a little hush-hush.


Theater Mode is still available in the game, however it also has had some new additions that will allow gameplay directors quite a bit more control. Cameras can now be attached to guns, rockets, and kill-streaks to allow for more ease of editing. You will be able to zoom directly to the position of the kill you want, where as before you had to find the rocket, stop the clip, position the camera, start the clip and so forth, now it is a lot easier.

Get your director’s chair ready and start editing your now 21 clip reel and choose whether to have them set as individual or stream them together to make a montage. The voting system for media has changed also, which will give players the simple thumbs up or down method when viewing user created content.

Now for the last bit of news, the infamous prestige mode. Prior to now, the idea of prestiging was regarded almost as unecessesary, yet it created longetivity in the online portion of the game. This time around, gamers will not lose progress on challenges or reset unlocks or weapon experience.

Featuring 10 prestiges and 55 levels to each prestige, the options when you choose to move up in rank are more rewarding. Unlock tokens make a return, however, when you purchase something with a token the reward is permanent. There is also a token that will allow you to reset your previous unlock tokens, losing everything up to that point, and start again. This does not reset your progress, only what you used the tokens for thus far.

In regards to tokens, the three main options are: unlocking a custom class (five in total), refund your tokens, or reset all stats. When you ‘refund’ your used tokens, it will lock all content and allow you to forge a new path for your online profile.

Gamers will now be treated to a mode known as ‘Hardpoint,’ think of it as a ‘King of the Hill’ if you will. All of the regular game modes will be available, like Search and Destroy, TDM, and Demolition; however with Hardpoint the flags will randomly spawn at certain timed intervals, and each team will have to hold that position until the next flag spawns.

Okay TAers, what is your take on the new additions and changes to the multiplayer portion of Call of Duty: Black Ops II?

You can test your skill on November 13th when Call of Duty: Black Ops II is released.

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