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Black Ops II – Unlocks And Weapon Levels Don’t Reset When You Prestge

Another week has begun and with it comes more exciting gaming news, this time from the goldmine of information that is Call of Duty: Black Ops IITreyarch game design director David Vonderhaar, who has talked fans through the many features included in Black Ops II, took to his Twitter account to give us the skinny on how weapon levels and unlocks are affected when you eventually decide to prestige.

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Keep your Akimbo when you prestige!

David Vonderhaar is always out to please gamers, so his Twitter page is as busy as a spoon in a soup kitchen and when asked about the unlocks and weapon level formalities when you prestige, he said:

“Just got this bug from QA. Weapon levels are given after unlocking a gun that was leveled up on a past level progression.’ That’s what we call NAB. Not a bug. If you Prestige and unlock the gun, you’ll pick up right where you left off. If something has been a certain way a long time, the assumption when it doesn’t work the way it has in the past is that it is a bug.”

This will make many fans happy that they don’t need to start over again once they hit those prestige levels, it might take some of the replay value from the game however, but hey that’s what zombies are for. On the other hand it might be necessary to include due to the new create-a-class system the game will feature in Black Ops II, which you can check out here. Either way we can expect a first-person shooter like no other when the game eventually launches.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II will launch for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on November 13, with the Wii U also getting in on the action on November 18. Are you happy with all the new changes in Black Ops II? Let us know in the section below or head over to our Facebook page and drop us a comment there.

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