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Treyarch Not Helping Develop ‘Black Ops: Declassified’ for Vita

Treyarch Not Developing Black Ops Declassified

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified will mark the first time a Call of Duty title has been developed specifically for Sony’s new Vita handheld. While the title itself is meant to bridge the gap between the first and second Black Ops games, it will be a completely new undertaking for developer Nihilistic Software.

Nihilistic is no stranger to Vita games, though; they most recently released a handheld entry in the Resistance franchise, Burning Skies. Unfortunately that title didn’t live up to its console predecessors’ legacy, and now has given Call of Duty fans pause about Nihilistic bringing the hugely popular franchise to the handheld market.

One of the major factors that could have assuaged fan fears about Black Ops: Declassified on the Vita not being a meaningless port was the presence of developer Treyarch on the project. Unfortunately, since the developer is already busy putting the finishing touches on Black Ops 2, which releases in mid-November, they won’t be helping out on Declassified‘s development.

Treyarch’s Communications Manager John Rafacz, when asked point blank about his studio’s involvement with the game, revealed, “[they] have not been involved with the Vita version.”

While not an obvious indication of the quality of Black Ops: Declassified, the lack of input from Treyarch leaves us unsure about its success in the long run. CVG, who spoke with John Rafacz about Treyarch’s involvement, even surmised that COD publisher Activision might not be involved with putting out this Vita title, but Activision has since refuted that rumor.

Activision will be the publisher on Black Ops: Declassified, but they have established a partnership with Sony to bundle the game and a Vita handheld together. Two of our major criticisms of the Vita thus far have been its price and lack of content, so by combining this game and the Vita into one (hopefully) affordable bundle, Sony does have a chance at moving a lot more consoles than they would otherwise.

Furthermore titles like Assassins Creed 3: Liberation, which features its own white Vita bundle, can help increase gamer interest in the handheld, birthed by the enthusiasm for a triple-A franchise. Whether or not Black Ops: Declassified will be any good is yet to be determined, but it will surely help boost Vita sales in November.

How do you feel about Treyarch not being involved with Black Ops: Declassified? Will you be picking up the game, and potentially a Vita?

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified releases in November on the PS Vita.

Source: CVG

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